About us.

The company.


One revolutionary company.

We are committed to innovative online marketing, content and social media solutions – delivering both information and expertise that engages people anywhere at anytime. Our approach builds media experiences across entertainment, business and technology that attract people around the world who thrive on being in the know.

Moreover CA Interactive is committed to core values, that we praise and live throughout the company: entrepreneurship, excellence, passion, diversity and quality – all based on a strong organizational culture.

These values shape everything we think and do. As a result, we create lasting, measurable value. Every day.

The mission is not only to deliver quality and up-to-date information to visitors, but also to make some lasting and especially substantial improvements in our partners performance and therefore helping ourselves to build a leading company which attracts and retains the leaders of tomorrow – or just exceptional people.

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  • Excellence.

    Creative strategies and reliable, pragmatic solutions are the hallmark of a truly top-class as well as comprehensive analysis.

  • Entrepreneurship.

    In our eyes, entrepreneurship is primarily about business success and about the willingness to assume responsibility.

  • Diversity.

    We believe that diversity is the key to creativity and innovative solutions that help us maintain a leading industry position.

  • Passion.

    Being passionate about what you are doing results in full dedication – and being dedicated about what you are doing ensures the best results.

  • Quality.

    Quality over quantity: not only with our business relationships, but especially on the content we deliver we thrive on quality – and nothing else.

  • The culture.

    We are aggressively inclusive in our hiring and we favor ability over experience. Our culture is based on trust, diversity, excellence and business safety. The result is a company that reflects the global audience we are serving.


The network.

Connecting people.



The site & Twitter network.

The content network of CA Interactive consists of different brands, high authority social profiles and an unparalleled collection of websites. Our sites and profiles present themselves as powerful tools for advertisers to reach targeted and highly attractive audiences – combining the power of a strong site network and leading social networks like Twitter.

In detail, we deliver content, trends and news in the fields of business management and technology, corporate networks, technological media sources for products, reviews and downloads, videos as well as our main business fields: professional media, television and video content in the world of entertainment.

Our network complements this portfolio with several other content and media sites, for instance delivering expertise in the world of shopping, traveling, real estate or parenting. This content is backed by high authority profiles with a worldwide reach of different audiences. Sharing engaging content on social networks hereby ensures maximal effects on social media campaigns. As a consequence viral fun content and parody as well as fanpages and artist sponsorships also belong to our core abilities, which are realized through our network and strategic partners.


Embracing diversity.

People nowadays are more engaged with media than ever. As an innovative global interactive media company and content network, we enable advertisers to connect with consumers in meaningful, impactful and relevant ways. To advertise in a way that connects with users, you not just have to be where they are, but even more understand what they care about.

To achieve an industry leadership position, our commitment has always been based on innovation as well as creativity and we’ve always been on the forefront of making diversity not just a slogan, but reality. In realizing these important goals, CA Interactive has forged important business relationships with many diverse organizations, because we believe that diversity is best achieved through a collaborative spirit that aims at delivering quality all along.

Especially when recruiting new employees, associates or interns, we always focus on diversity, which we are convinced enhances our creativity. This way we constantly increase our ability to implement viral media campaigns – may it be through our site network or our profiles on leading social networks.

CA Interactive delivers the information people want and the entertainment they crave. Through engaging media that captivates people, we offer a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in a more personal and targeted way, leveraging the power of our site and Twitter network.

The site network.

The premier content network. Engaging people around the world.


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Where media meets entertainment.

The network is the place, where music, movies and TV live online. From the newest media buzz and trends to professional video content, is a forum for music trendsetters and entertainment leaders. Live media, go pro.

Unique visitors: 115,000+
Pageviews: 330,000+
Registered users: over 16,000

The innovative approach to business. includes local, national and international content for companies of any size as well as managers in leading positions, across various fields: from corporate finance, business law, marketing to stocks and bonds or global markets. Our sites offer everything truly passionate leaders need. Moreover we deliver real time news and trends. The definitive source for managers, traders and market leaders.

Unique visitors: 140,000+
Pageviews: 460,000+
Registered users: over 6,000

Real solutions for tech leaders. is the trusted and go-to source for all things video games, tech news and trends, reviews as well as downloads. IT leaders find and share the newest buzz: from technology product information to real world IT solutions. the business of technology.

Unique visitors: 100,000+
Pageviews: 270,000+
Registered users: over 11,000

The go-to place for traveling.

The network offers information and reports about flights, hotels and holiday destinations across all five continents. Based on customer experiences from around the world, the network is a leading resource for holiday planning. The network: the place, where dedicated travelers join the action with other passionate travelers.

Unique visitors: 90,000+
Pageviews: 390,000+
Registered users: over 12,500

The exclusive content blog network.

The network presents itself as extensive collection of standalone sites, which cover most hot and trending topics in various fields.

These smaller sites or blogs are owned and maintained by us.

Unique visitors: 65,000+
Pageviews: 150,000+
Registered users: over 3,000